Project Leonardo



The objective of Leonardo Soccer is to implement the standard of the Emirates soccer in order to lead the national team to the FIFA World Cup qualifications. The latter circumstance has not occurred since 1990. The first step is to rise up the FIFA ranking to the top 30 national teams.

Analyses of the Emirates Soccer Team

The last U.A.E. team qualification to the FIFA World Cup occurred in 1990, when the competition was hosted in Italy. The highest FIFA ranking was 42nd position in November 1998, the lowest 116th in March 2009.

On March, 11th, 2009 the team is ranked 116th, that is at its lowest placement.

As shown in the diagram, available on the FIFA website, the trend has been constantly descending. This can be derive either from a progressive worsening of the team’s performance in the past 14 years or to a conspicuous improvement of the other teams, or indeed to both factors.

The U.A.E. team has been assisted in the past years by a French staff. Prof. Massimiliano Marchesi, an Italian, was part of that staff; he has been consulted during several workshops on the causes of the team’s constantly falling in the FIFA ranking.

During such meetings, dietary and organizational problems have been discussed and above all the necessity of a complete re-organization of the Junior sector, which is the first step to implement the general level of players.

Analyses of Italian soccer

In Italy, a country that has won 4 FIFA World Cups including the last, the junior sector has always been regarded as a fundamental part of a soccer team.

A top team such as Juventus F.C., for instance, invests about 10 millions euro yearly for the management of the junior sector. The junior sector is as important to a soccer team as the foundations are to a house.

If the foundations are not adequate, a substantial amount of money should then be spent to undergo structural modifications. The example proves particularly fitting when one considers how much money several clubs are forced to spend to engage top players who have learnt their skills elsewhere.


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