New Methodologies

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In recent times, the research of Prof. Prampero have made a real breakthrough in training, introducing a parameter until a few months ago unknown to most people: the metabolic power.
Starting from studies of Prampero, the Prof.Colli and his staff have developed a critical attitude towards the constructive-Match Analysis, accused, for example, of neglecting the accelerations and decelerations during the game that they still go and affect “external load “of the athlete.


NormaTec’s founder, a physician bioengineer (MD, PhD), recognized the powerful potential of external dynamic compression and its crucial role in healing and recovery. The concept of using external compression to aid the body with its normal circulatory processes has been around since the 1960s; however, the science of compression had no major technological advances during the first 40 years of its use. After trying every available compression pump on the market with only unimpressive clinical results, NormaTec’s founder realized that the key to advancing the technology of external compression is improving the massage pattern. Thus NormaTec developed and patented Sequential Pulse Technology, and the NormaTec Recovery System was born.

CORE CONTROL (Cool Therapy) (

Elevated core body temperature is a problem for many, including athletes, industrial workers, miners and soldiers. Emergency medical responders and physicians are often overwhelmed by heat stress incidents. Anyone regularly subjected to exertion in sweltering conditions knows what heat can do to performance.
– Cool rapidly & effectively from the body core out
– Work longer in extreme environments
– Maximize your athletic performance



Queenax: the system that turns your space into a tool.
Queenax is designed to meet the problems and needs of space inside the clubs. It is conceived further more to accommodate the new trends of training, such as the suspension training and the functional training. With queenax the space around you becomes a tool: ceiling, floor and walls become new partners for your training.



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